Earth Map: Revolutionizing Climate and Environment Monitoring | Google Geo for Good Impact Award

Navigating Towards a Sustainable Future with Earth Map

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Earth Map: Revolutionizing Climate and Environment Monitoring

Earth Map, a pioneering initiative by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), has been honored with a Google Geo for Good Impact Award. Leveraging freely available archives of geospatial data, Earth Map is transforming climate and environment monitoring and mapping.

Driving Positive Actions for a Sustainable Future

The award recognizes Earth Map as an important instrument for policymakers and stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive positive actions for a more sustainable future. Maria Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director-General, emphasizes the significance of Earth Map in transforming agrifood systems sustainably.

“Achieving the global goals on climate change, biodiversity, and environment requires changing the way we produce, distribute, process, retail, and consume our food. Sustainably transforming our agrifood systems hinges on harnessing key data and information to inform policies, guide investments, and drive actions. That is exactly what Earth Map brings in support of the stakeholders working on the frontlines of climate and food security,’’ said Maria Helena Semedo.

The Power of Earth Map

Earth Map is a point-and-click cloud-based platform powered by Google Earth Engine and other free data sources, eliminating the need for coding. It enables users to visualize, analyze, and monitor changes on Earth’s surface, performing multi-temporal and multi-parametric land monitoring, climate assessments, and other geospatial and Earth Observation-based analyses.

With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, Earth Map eases access to critical information, benefiting researchers, policymakers, and local communities, making it a comprehensive and accessible tool for addressing various environmental and climate-related challenges.

Applications and Impact

Earth Map has over 33,000 signed-in users in 50 countries and has made a substantial impact across diverse regions and projects. Its applications range from protecting natural ecological or cultural lands to revitalizing and restoring ecosystems.

FAO has utilized Earth Map for project preparation, monitoring, and cost-effective investment design. It has supported Member states in grant applications to international funding partners such as the Green Climate Fund and the World Bank. Additionally, Earth Map has been fundamental in designing large development projects and prioritizing target areas for various countries.

The platform’s integration with Google mapping tools facilitates dynamic mapping and quasi-real-time statistics generation, making it a versatile tool for conservation and environmental initiatives worldwide. Currently, Earth Map is being replicated in ad-hoc customizations to fit the needs of other projects and programs.


Earth Map represents a collaborative approach towards climate and environment monitoring, fostering international cooperation and supporting impactful projects. Its integration with FAO’s Strategy on Climate Change highlights its importance in safeguarding food security, ending hunger, and addressing climate change challenges.

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