Pinterest's Shoppable Pins Drive 130% Increase in Engagement: Transforming Inspiration into Action

Pinterest's Shoppable Revolution: Transforming from Inspiration to Action

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Pinterest's Shoppable Pins Drive 130% Increase in Engagement: Transforming Inspiration into Action

Pinterest's strategic focus on shoppable advertising is proving to be highly successful, with a remarkable 130% increase in engagement year over year in Australia. Melinda Petrunoff, country manager for Australia & New Zealand, shared insights into the platform's evolving role as a destination for both inspiration and action.

Despite its reputation as a platform for discovery and inspiration, Pinterest has undergone a significant transformation, now offering advertisers a full-funnel solution. With recent innovations aimed at enhancing user experience and driving conversions, Pinterest is redefining its value proposition for both users and advertisers.

According to Petrunoff, "96% of searches that are done on Pinterest are unbranded," highlighting the platform's strength in facilitating discovery. However, recent innovations have made Pinterest a more actionable platform, catering to advertisers' needs throughout the entire customer journey.

"We were previously a top of funnel solution and we're now a full funnel solution for advertisers."

- Melinda Petrunoff, Pinterest

Recent success stories, such as Castlery's Pinterest Shopping Campaigns, underscore the platform's effectiveness in driving results. Castlery witnessed a 36% increase in return on ad spend and a 48% reduction in cost per session after implementing Pinterest's shoppable ad formats.

Looking ahead, Pinterest has a "strong pipeline" of products set to launch in 2024, aimed at further enhancing user experience and advertiser performance. With nearly 8 million users in Australia, Pinterest's fastest-growing and most engaged cohort is Gen Z, representing 47% of the user base.

Petrunoff emphasized Pinterest's fundamental difference from other social media platforms, citing high user intent and a focus on action rather than passive consumption. Pinterest's investment in AI, particularly in personalization, is poised to further enhance the platform's capabilities, providing advertisers with opportunities to create more engaging and relevant experiences.

Embracing Change: Pinterest's Evolution

Pinterest's journey from inspiration to action reflects its commitment to innovation and user-centricity. As the platform continues to evolve, it remains a valuable destination for both consumers seeking inspiration and advertisers looking to drive results.


With shoppable advertising at the forefront of its strategy, Pinterest is transforming the way users discover and engage with brands. By leveraging AI and catering to the needs of its diverse user base, Pinterest is poised to shape the future of digital commerce and advertising.

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