Enhance Your Advertising with Copilot: Microsoft's AI Companion

Empowering Advertisers with AI: Microsoft's Copilot Transforms Campaign Creation

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Unlocking Advertising Efficiency: Microsoft Introduces Copilot in the Advertising Platform

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform, marking a significant milestone in digital advertising. With Copilot, advertisers now have access to a suite of AI-powered tools, including natural language conversational chat, asset recommendations, and image asset creation, directly within the advertising platform.

Copilot was initially launched in Microsoft Advertising a month ago, following Microsoft's commitment in September to enhance the ad platform with Copilot features. While access was limited initially, its availability has now been extended to a wider audience.

"We developed Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform to be an advertiser’s AI companion for creating high-quality marketing easily and efficiently, while guiding users through campaign creation and answering questions along the way,"

- Kya Sainsbury-Carter, Microsoft

According to Kya Sainsbury-Carter from Microsoft, Copilot is designed to unlock productivity, boost creativity, and provide real-time intelligent assistance to help advertisers achieve their advertising goals.

In addition to revolutionizing campaign creation, Microsoft has integrated Copilot throughout the Advertising Platform, enhancing the sign-up workflow and refreshing the user interface. Copilot is seamlessly integrated into various aspects of the platform, including the search bar and help menu, providing users with easy access to AI-powered assistance.

Copilot is not only limited to campaign creation; it also provides real-time support for advertisers. It offers instant answers to support questions, synthesizes relevant information, and provides direct links for action. Whether advertisers are new to digital advertising or experienced marketers, Copilot helps them upskill and get answers instantaneously.

Advertisers can leverage Copilot to recommend text and image assets for campaigns by simply entering their website URL during campaign creation. Copilot utilizes the URL to draft specific messaging and imagery for the asset group. Advertisers have the flexibility to adjust their assets with built-in tools, ensuring alignment with their custom theme.

In addition to images suggested by Copilot, Microsoft's image creation tool enables users to create and add high-quality imagery to campaigns in seconds, enhancing the overall advertising experience.

The Future of Campaign Creation

With the introduction of Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform, advertisers have access to a powerful AI companion that streamlines campaign creation, provides real-time support, and enhances advertising efficiency. By leveraging Copilot's features and benefits, advertisers can optimize their advertising strategies and achieve their goals effectively.


Microsoft's Copilot represents a significant advancement in digital advertising technology, offering advertisers innovative AI-driven solutions for campaign creation and management. By integrating Copilot into the Advertising Platform, Microsoft is revolutionizing the advertising landscape and empowering advertisers with intelligent tools for success.

Experience the transformative power of Copilot and unlock new possibilities in advertising efficiency and effectiveness.

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